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A super long F.A.Q list

Hi guys,

As there have been so many questions coming in (We’re happy with that, don’t worry) We thought it was time to make one larger post with some of the questions that we are asked a lot.
So here we go and if we didn’t answer your question, feel free to ask :)


Are we getting the release date soon?!?!?!
You know that period of the year that all the studio’s release their games?

Will there be more copies of the Super Fan Edition or is it completely sold out? :(
The Super Fan edition is indeed completely sold out on our website. Which was a total surprise for us as never expected that to happen.
We do have a couple that we’ll be selling on conventions and such but the one on our website really is sold out.

When the Beta version 0.98.25 will be coming out? Within month? Or TBA
Beta version 0.98.25 will contain the vocals, so for now TBA.
As soon as the vocals are done, we’ll release the next beta update. The vocals are one of the most important parts of the game, so we really can’t rush this part.

Will the poster be able to be bought separately? I missed the pre-order time for the Super Fan edition and would love to own one.
Yes, the posters will be available for sale after the release.

I just wanted to wish you good luck on your work !
Thank you :)

Hi! So I just bought the download of the preorder for super health club, and I was wondering, do I not have access to the game until the release date? Or is there an extended demo for buyers that I can play until the release date? Thanks! :)
Everyone that pre-orders, gets access to the beta version. Which is the first two in-game weeks. (Demo end at the end of week 1)
See to get a beta key if you already pre-ordered.

I can’t find the mac version on your website, I only find PC version for purchase. Or am I wrong?
The version on our website works for both PC & MAC.
We hate it when games limit you in stuff like that so we won’t do that.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but what sexual position will your character play? Do you have a choice, or is it locked in for whatever scene? Just asking because I'd rather have my character always bottoming, haha!
Your character is versatile but the characters aren’t.

If I purchase the digital version of the game, can I download it just once or can I download the game both for my laptop and the pc???
Yes you can.

Maybe it is a big question, but I really love you... Could you increase the sizes of the trainer's muscles and bulge? It would be so cool to see him really full and big everywhere:D
Sorry but not in the release version but who know what get’s released later on right?

Will there be another beta update (with all the bug fixes) before the actual release?
Yes there will.

Hi, the record of vocals started ? and when we will get some tease *-* ?
Yes, the vocal recordings have started and we will release audio clips. Just not yet :P

Will SHC be released this year ?

Ok, that was a long list. If we didn’t answer your question, feel free to ask. We love hearing from you guys :)