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Quick Update and a few Q&A's

Hi Guys,

We've been back from our 5th birthday celebration and gamescon for a few day's now and since our return this monday, things have really started coming together nicely.

During our week absence last week, the sound studio had the chance to get a lot of vocal work done as we weren't there to breath over the necks of the actors ("Put some more feeling in your voice will yah") and a quite few of the Super Health Club physical items were delivered to our office.


As you can imagine, holding the Super Health Club artbook in your hands and seeing a box full with a couple thousand posters after soo long ago designing it, is quite amazing. There's only one thing that can give a better feeling and that is knowing that you guys like the game we made and like playing it.

You might wonder, why I'm talking about the posters and stuff already... well, that is because the release date is soo close, I'm bouncing in my chair from excitement (or stress if I was Liam)
We won't say the release date yet as we want our characters to annouce the date but I can say that everything is now going according to plan. For hint's about the release date, see my earlier posts.


Now for a short Q&A, here are some of the most recent asked questions.

Q: Do you guys have a release date in mind already?

A: Yes, read my post above

Q: Will there be a threesome scene with Richard and the guys?

A: Nope, sorry. Richard does have a kinky bondage scene with one of the characters though. But who, we'll keep a secret

Q: Is there gonna be an orgy scene? if so can you tell us if all the characters will be in it?

A: There are 4 orgy scene's in Super Health Club, but not of the characters together.

Q: Will there be new scenes/CGs released in the upcoming beta or just the voiceover added in?

A: The next beta update is all about the vocals. The beta currently ends at a crucial point in the story and making it longer would only make it confusing.

Q: I can not wait ANYMORE :D :D Seriously!

A: You really won't have to wait for much longer :)

If your question isn't mentioned, please do check our earlier Q&A posts as it might have been asked already. Or just ask in the comments below, on tumbrl/ twitter. We love hearing from you guys:)

In our next blog, we'll be announcing were we'll be giving away free SHC goodies and were you can get a sneakpeak into the full version of Super Health Club so do check back soon.