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New SHC Beta & Demo!

Hi guys,

We promised it a while ago, so here it is... A new version of Super Health Club, and all the vocals are included! But besides the vocals, a lot of other things have changed as well.


Perhaps one of the biggest change is that the oonyx starter program is no longer needed to download Super Health Club. So everyone can now simply download the updated demo (or beta if you pre-ordered Super Health Club) from the super health club downloads page directly.

While we had originally planned to also release the MAC update at the same time, that version unfortunately is being held back by technical difficulties. And as we didn't want to keep everyone else waiting, we're releasing the windows version now. The mac version will follow a.s.a.p. So stay tuned for updates about the Mac version.

So... Why don't you give the updated Super Health Club a try and meet the voices of all the guys :) You can find the downloads page here.

And remember, we love hearing from you guys! So do comment below or on our forums =D

As we made Super Health Club a standalone, this new updated version will not appear in OONYX Starter! Neither in the Starter store or the starter's update function!
To get this update, please download the new full version from the downloads page. You don't have to install it in the starter directory either.