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Super Health Club Release Date

Hi guys,

We've got a lot of news, so let us start with the most important one, right?

We can finally announce the release date of Super Health Club, and it is... December 11th at 20:00 GMT+1  (Yes, December this year)


If you haven't seen it already, we've put a countdown timer to the release day on the Super Health Club website, so if you are wondering if it's 14 or 13 day's till the release, check the time there.

The DVD's and all the print orders have been ordered and all the ordered DVD's of Super Health Club should be ready for shipping on Wednesday, December 9th.
In the past we've also promised a extra gift to all of you that pre-ordered Super Health Club and has been waiting for us for so long. Well, next post will be all about the shipping packages (with photo's :)) and we'll also show what "little" gift every order is getting.

That said, if you wanted to pre-order a DVD version of Super Health Club, this is the last weekend you can do so. Monday all DVD versions of Super Health Club will go offline until Super Health Club is released. This, so we can start preparing the shippings list and everything that entails. If you pre-ordered a Physical version of SHC, you'll receive an email about that early next week.

Now onto the next point of this post, the beta version 0.99.20 is out for Windows and Mac.
The Mac version took us a bit longer as OSX didn't want to play nice with us, but we managed. 
One of the problems with the OSX version is that OSX apparently doesn't like it when applications go from windowed to fullscreen. So currently, when you're running Super Health Club on OSX, and have the resolution set to fullscreen, you might want to set the dock to automatically hide. For the rest, it should work pretty stable (if your mac isn't to many years old) But if you experience any OSX related issues, please do let us know.

With the previous beta version, we also released all the vocals in the game.
We're glad to see that so many of you like our choices in vocals actors and we're very happy to receive so many feedback from all of you guys about the game itself, the vocals and bug reports.
Pretty much all of the bugs reported in the last one and a half weeks, have been fixed in beta/demo version 0.99.20, so if you're up for it, do check it out.

But that's not all we did with version 99.20. We also took care to fix some issues with the planner (namely the glitching job icons) and did a couple of tweaks to the "maintenance" app, that should make it more clear how it works. That said, please do note that somethings are getting tweaked as we speak so don't worry if you think upgrading has to little influence. The final version will have a greatly tweaked points awarding/dedubction scheme.



So to sum it up... here's what we're going to be doing in the next few day's (Besides cracking down on bugs, that one is a continuous job)

27-NOV - Beta / Demo version 0.99.20 released
30-NOV - Removal of PHYSICAL DVD version of Super Health Club from the shop
3-DEC* - Send out email to all of you that pre-ordered a PHYSICAL DVD of Super Health Club
7-DEC* - Upload some cool photo's of all the DVD's, Books, Posters and not to forget, our gifts.
9-DEC* - Send out all pre-ordered Physical DVD's of Super Health Club (Those in the Netherlands are lucky :) )
11-DEC - Release Super Health Club - Download version  (Shipped version orders also get a download link, don't worry)

* Estimated day's! These dates all depends on how quickly the DVD's and artwork reach our studio.