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Super Health Club is Released!

Okay… here is our… belated “Release” announcement :)
It’s out… It finally is… After three years of dev time, Super Health Club reaches version 1.0.


The response received so far has been amazing and actually a lot more than expected. Luckily we were ready with multiple download servers and a web server that was just waiting to start cranking.

With Super Health Club, we wanted to do things different. From the hot sexy artworks of DongSaeng, the different than usual story line, the vocals, with some more easier scene’s and a couple hard to unlock ones. 
All into a game that (hopefully) takes you away from reality for a bit, into a world where you can act as a pervvy boss and spy on your employees in the bathroom.

When we started as a group in 2010, it was with the whole idea of Super Health Club. While it took a bit before we actually started on Super Health Club, this game is in a sense truly our baby and we’ll be keeping up support for a long time to come.

We want to thank everyone for supporting us and we hope that you’ll have a hot and sexy time playing our “little” game.

OONYX GAMES  & DongSaeng