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SHC update - Multi-languages & Modding support

Hi guys,

We've released SHC version 1.1.0 today.
The new version features the promised multi-language support and even a bonus "light" modding support.


You can now easily play Super Health Club in additional languages by downloading the language files you want.
Simply put the file in the "language" folder and it will appear on the game's settings menu.

On popular demand, we'll also be releasing two additional language files (French & German)
But if your language isn't provided yet, let us know :)

Version 1.1.0 now also allows you to lightly "mod" the game. And you don't even need to download a file for it.
Simply open the super health club directory and open the "settings.txt" file. 
By tweaking the data in that text file, you can control wich settings a new game starts with. Like the amount of romance points you start with, or how much in debt you are at the beginning.

Please note though, those settings are only for when you start a new game! Not for existing savegames!