Hi Guys,

We've been back from our 5th birthday celebration and gamescon for a few day's now and since our return this monday, things have really started coming together nicely.

During our week absence last week, the sound studio had the chance to get a lot of vocal work done as we weren't there to breath over the necks of the actors ("Put some more feeling in your voice will yah") and a quite few of the Super Health Club physical items were delivered to our office.

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Today we launched our new website and subsites.

While we had originally planned to hold of our new website for our five year anniversary this October, recent issues with our old site forced us to switch sooner. One of the main things we changed with the new website is the removal of all the different subsites (SuperHealthClub & PocketDateBoy) with their own layouts. Those have now been integrated into the main oonyxgames website.

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